Saturday, April 17, 2010


It is hard to even come up with a title to this blog.
Should I say shocked? stunned? surprised? can I say it is almost unbelievable to me?

I am sure that is what most people would say.. how many of you would describe the news?

CANCER .. a hard word to say if it pertains to you.
A word, a phrase~ I thought I would never hear in my lifetime ... You have cancer.

Me, healthy.. eating the Mediterranean diet before it was even called that.. me, a person who has exercised most of my life, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, low pulse, active, happy,
a positive outlook on life, laughter everyday. A wonderful family life. No history of cancer in my family.
ME~how? why?

Well folks... there is no answer for any of that.
Cancer strikes without warning. Cancer doesn't pick favorites. It just is.

I am coming to the realization that it is everywhere. Once I started talking about it I am hearing it everyday from someone.

It started with a colonoscopy... something I did NOT want to get done~silly me!

I just read a phrase that stuck with me ... it said "No one should die of embarrassment" how true that is! SO~ GET YOUR COLONOSCOPY DONE!!!!!!!
The colonoscopy was nothing.. but it was the beginning of this journey I am on.

I am choosing to view this as a journey through CANCER. I have always said that you can't chose what happens to you but you can chose how you react towards what happens to you and now I have the chance to put my philosophy to work!

I see CANCER in all capital letters now. It is a formidable opponent. It is a scary word but to tell you the truth ~ there is a good side to CANCER. Blessing that comes with it.

The PEOPLE!!! My family, for one. This didn't just happen to me ~ it happened to everyone who I love, it happened to my whole family.
Everyone is dealing with this their own way. I have so much support it is sometimes overwhelming to me.
My friends, neighbors, my clients, people in my cooking classes,the family run business I deal with everyday, so much support and love.
The nurses, doctors and all the health care professional I have met are so kind so compassionate, so helpful.

The people who are in my life are a gift to me to help me get through this.

I am so grateful for all of them. All the notes, flowers, emails, food, offerings of help and support I have received. It is unbelievable to me.

I have just started this journey. I am in the midst of testing to come up with my treatment schedule. I have spent more time in doctors offices and hospitals than I have in my whole life. It is quite an eye opener.

I am optimistic. I am looking forward but I am also taking it one day at a time.
"This Moment in Time" is my favorite phrase. Just concentrate on the now. That is all we really have anyway... NOW!

As I go through this time in my life, I will be writing my blog. I would love to hear from you.
I love all your thoughts and prayers and white light. I am thankful for my life and those who are in it.

So remember to live your life today, with gusto, with love, with laughter, with compassion for yourself and for others.
Life is so very precious and we sometimes forget that!