Thursday, August 13, 2009

A little bit of Heaven

Hopefully we all have a little bit of heaven tucked somewhere .. a place where we can go to forget about life's stress & obligations ... a place to totally relax and let our mind wander... a place where we can be ourselves with no one to criticize or comment or offer unwanted advice.

Clint & I have found such a place . It is somewhere that we promise each other we will go to no matter what . It is a place where we relax and just enjoy the company of each other . A place with no schedule ... no deadlines .. no obligations~ our little slice of heaven.

We went to our Slice of Heaven for two weeks this August ... no phone, TV, computer.. just he & I talking , reading ,napping~enjoying each others' company.. gazing out at the sea, listening to the surf , watching the sunset & sunrise ,catching up on idle thoughts .. in other words just relaxing!

This is really important .. everyone should have a little bit of heaven in their life .. if only for a few days .. it makes all the difference in the world !

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