Friday, May 15, 2009


This is a trip we take every Spring .. when the weather is warming and our thoughts turn to cooking and family celebrations .." Shopping with Susan" .. that's me ! is a fun day !

We start off here at my house around 9 in the morning .. we climb into a roomy van .. with my husband Clint as our driver and we're off !! We make several stops and they are all place where I buy my ingredients for catering and for my cooking classes as well as food for my family .. you get to shop where I shop .. small family owned businesses where everyone is friendly and the food is phenomenal .. service is above and beyond and freshness is a requirement .

These wonderful shop owners are waiting for us.. Prosciutto .. cheeses , olives breads .. in our first stop with just filled cannolis ready for us to taste .. on to the pasta store .. we get a tour of how fresh pasta is made ... filling ravioli right before our eyes and we buy them right off the press ! Then onto the butcher .. a small store run by a father and son .. they do so much business that it is double park heaven .. a South Philly thing ! .. meats cut and trimmed right before your eyes .. ground meat to die for and steaks to make your mouth water ! Laughing and joking along with compliments to all the beautiful women put us all in a good mood as we head to our last stop .. a small little Italian import grocery store .. tucked away on a corner .. you would not even know it was there .. we are welcomed with a platter of cut imported Italian cheese and home made supersaudes& salami, fragrant olive oils and crusty Italian bread for dipping .. luscious olives and imported cakes and cookies from Italy .. Italian music plays in the background as we sample all the Goodies and load up the van with our purchases ..

We are off to Lunch .. a typical red gravy restaurant ..complete with Frank Sinatra pictures . The food is fresh and good and we relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a wonderful lunch .. reliving our day ..planing our dinners and laughing and sharing stories ..

It is a wonderful day filled with fun, food and lots of laughter .. join me in one of my day trips .. it will be an experience yo won't easily forget !

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