Friday, May 15, 2009


My life is a little different now that I have 5 grandsons house is full of baskets and boxes of toys.. Tractor Trailers.. Dump Trucks... Firetrucks .. Monster Trucks .. Race Cars .. small cars .big cars .. you name it- any type of transportation there is ~ I have .My past interest in sports has been only that .. an interest in passing .. but now we watch Hockey ,Baseball, Basketball, Nascar~ ( always loved that ) I now know the names & scores of all of these teams ..

Hundreds of wiffle balls litter my back yard .. I have about 8 plastic bats along with a orange cone that we use as a batting T... so we can practice when the weather is nice .. with the arrival of spring comes softball or T-Ball season .. so we are off to watch these little guys play T- ball .. it is so much fun .. some of these kids are no higher than my hip and the bat is bigger than them ! they hit the ball and run to 3rd instead of 1st .. they are in the field playing with the dirt instead of watching the ball .. but not Christopher ... he is Ryan Howard at bat .. pointing to the sky where he wants to hit the ball .. nodding his head at us when we wave and shout .. he is serious .. and he is all business on the field .. 5 years old and he plays like a professional on the Phillies Team !
The Defenders !!! we shout and wave .. scream encouragement and buy $1 hot dogs for dinner !
Sports are a wonderful way for kids & parents to enjoy themselves .. .. there are about 5 playing fields where we go and everyone of them is full with kids .. playing ball , laughing and having fun .. along with their parents and grandparents .. it is a fun place to be ! For the whole family !!

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