Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Cooking Classes

September is here and with it comes the sound of school buses and the excitement of children going back to school. It was always a exciting time for me .. funny but I love sharp pencils & new white notepads.
I love to learn new things so with that thought in mind I have put together a wonderful list of new cooking classes for the Fall.
It is my favorite time of year. Cool crisp weather begs for comfort foods. Long ,slow simmered vegetables, braised meats, oven roasts, creamy mashed potatoes, sumptuous soups. It is a great time to get out all those pots & pans and cook a wonderful dinner.
If you are looking for some inspiration along with recipes that you will cherish and use over & over~join me in a cooking class! You will enjoy a fun night out filled with laughter, good food & inspiration to go home & cook !
My recipes are easy. I use ingredients you can find in your local markets,and you get to enjoy the meal that I prepare so you can be adventurous & try something new!
Come with a friend and enjoy a great night out and be prepared to be inspired !

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