Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer's Last Stand

On the way home from the shore we stopped at a roadside farmers market .. it was a tiny shack with a variety of baskets filled with colorful vegetables. I had my pick .. I wandered through the baskets set up outside. A display of assorted peppers caught my eye .. long red Italian hots, something long & purple called holy ~moly , habenaros, pablanos, red ,green, orange bell peppers .I was in pepper heaven. I made my selections and then moved on to the Jersey tomatoes.. so red and fat I could imagine them sliced and laying besides a chunk of creamy mozzarella with ribbons of basil in a bath of extra virgin olive oil!
I then turned my attention to the plump corn .. a dozen of those went into my cart... green beans ,& yellow wax beans were not far behind. White eggplant ~3 for a dollar ! can't beat that !
I picked out plums and apples, yellow watermelon and ripe, fragrant Jersey peaches & nectarines .. my collection of jewels got higher & higher .
It was when I was eyeing up the pumpkins that my husband suggested we wait for that purchase "do you really need pumpkins now ?? "~ "yes"I thought ~but we were out of room .. the car was packed with sandy beach chairs two tired grand kids and enough videos to keep them busy even if we happened to drive to California !
I was thrilled with my purchase. I couldn't wait to go home and cook!
Summer is ending and I think I will miss the Farmers Markets the most!

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