Sunday, March 7, 2010

A day to honor the Women in your life

I posted this story a few years ago but since tomorrow is a Day to Honor all women I thought it might be nice to read it again ... so here it is!


I have always been interested in bettering myself so with that in mind I have been buying self~ help books of one kind or another for the past 30 years .. recently I started to clean out my attic and was shocked to find hundreds of books on how to be better, abundant , prosperous , healthy , serene, how to stay focused , create money , meditate ,the rules of money , the law of attraction , how to be a millionaire .. the millionaire's mind ... how to make laughter the best medicine.. reduce stress .. looking at all these books I realize that if I saved all that money I might be a millionaire today!! & not have stress!!!

One lesson I hear over and over again is about mentoring .. find someone who you admire, who you want to emulate and find out how that particular person got to where they are today.

My life so far has been in search of that one person .. but the realization came one morning at 3 AM ~ it is not just one person .. there are many people in my life who I admire .. for any number of reasons.

There are teachers I've had in school , friends I have just met and life long friends .. women in business .. women I met in cooking classes .. the one common denominator: women

I am surrounded by strong, brave, fearless women ... women who lost a loved one and have to go on ~ as painful as it may be .. women who follow their dream ~no matter how scary it may seem at times ... women who run a business, family , school , household with strength & determination.

My role models are all around me .. I just have to look and I can see how I can be better .. I can look inside me and find the answer .. I am in the company of great women who inspire me to do better and live a full life and smile more!

In the beginning of March , in Italy there is a day where all women are honored.. it is called "LA FESTA DELLE DONNE" On that day every street corner and tiny flower shop in overflowing with bright yellow flowers called mimosa.. they are given to women as a sign of respect and appreciation .. for all that women do in everyday life .. for mothers, daughters, girlfriends, for all the women in your life ..

I love that day .. I have been lucky enough to be in Italy a number of times and I always feel special when I see the beautiful , elegant women of Italy carrying around those bright sprigs of yellow flowers.

That simple custom makes me realize how important it is to appreciate the women in your life .. . so I salute you .. all the women who work hard to make a difference .. to make everyday count .. to lead a full & happy life .. I give you the bright , happy yellow MIMOSA!!!!!!!

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