Sunday, July 17, 2011


Summer is a place for time, I seem to have more time in summer to think, to plan, to create, to read and be inspired.

It is a slower time, a quieter time, to be able to reflect on my life, my dreams, my future.

If I go away anywhere at all, one of the first things I pack is a legal size pad of paper and some pens. I write, everyday. I scribble in the corners, I doodle, I tear out pages from magazines, I write down websites that I want to check out, I write down ideas that come flashing across my mind. I am inspired by whatever I see and hear. Sometimes I will just close my eyes and concentrate on just sounds. Layers of sounds, birds singing, lawn mowers raging, cars starting, planes overhead, the buzzing of air conditioners, the breeze whispering through the tress, the voices of children, the tinkle of the ice cream truck, sounds, all at once surround us everyday.

I let my mind wander to places I have been or want to go, to things I want to accomplish and dreams I have.

Time gives me that gift.

The gift of daydreams, wishes, prayers and thoughts that float free. I love the summer for the quiet, the slower life style, the time to breath and slow down.

Make time for yourself, each and everyday. Realize that this is your life, live it now, don't put it on hold. Take time for you.
Daydream, breath, sit in stillness.

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  1. Summer is a wonderful time of year - just a slower pace. It allows us to recover from the hectic pace. I am glad you are having a summer with the precious gift of "down" time!

    Diane, Garnet Valley, PA