Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I have been using this word a lot lately.

In my early morning writings, in my notes of thanks for small and unexpected gifts, in my thoughts on life and what I have, for all the love and support I feel from so many people in my life. For my family, for my clients who have become friends with me through this journey.

I appreciate so much in my life.

When you are feeling blue or down and out, sometimes it is hard to realize what gifts your life holds on a daily basis.

Each morning as I write I realize just how blessed I am. I have so much love and support and sweetness around me, from the cards and notes to flowers and unexpected acts of kindness I am surrounded by love. Each and everyone following this journey with me help me to be strong and know it is OK. I appreciate life, I appreciate the support and love, I appreciate what I have and the strength I have in handling it all.

Appreciation, a big step in getting better. Appreciation, a way to reconcile the good with the bad, appreciation, allowing me to know that I am not alone, that I will bounce back, that I will be OK, that I have love and support surrounding me, prayers coming my way, encouragement surrounding me.

I appreciate it all.

Each and every morning I say a prayer of thanks for this day, this new beginning, this fresh start to get stronger, to feel better, to know I am on the mend.

Appreciate what you have, look at your life and see how you are blessed, concentrate on the goodness surrounding you each and every day, the miracle of life and Friends and family. The strength that laughter can bring.

This Thanksgiving is a perfect time to take a minute and give thanks for all the little things that you have in your life, daily gifts that we sometimes don't acknowledge.
Each day is a gift and each connection we have with a person is a tiny miracle. I am blessed, I am lucky, and I appreciate my life and all who are part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

It isn't about the best and most delicious dinner, it is about the people we share the table with.

Be blessed!
Love to you and everyone in your life.

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  1. Hoping and praying that Thanksgiving finds you truly feeling closer to your old self again. I know it's only two days away but I will be praying for you to realize that the pain has lessened dramatically, Susan.

    Enjoy your family as we welcome in the Christmas Holidays this year!