Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life's little lessons

I believe that every single thing we do, happen upon or go through each day happens for a reason. It is a lesson, is part of something bigger.

This past week and and half has been a tough time for me. I was blindsided. Not because I wasn't prepared but only because sometimes I think myself to be invincible, maybe that is not the right word but I went into this strong, healthy and happy and just expected to be bouncing around here in a few days time.

As I lay in my bed trying to get my mind around the fact that it was hard to laugh, though I didn't really feel like laughing but even taking a breath was difficult. I couldn't move easily, get in and out of bed, even staying in bed was hard. I thought to myself~"how can I make myself better? what can I do to speed this up, to make me feel normal again?"

The answer that came to me was to breath, deeply.

Your breath is a powerful force in your body that you can somewhat control. While I was in the recovery room right after the procedure I kept waking to a beeping sound. Now that seems funny because all you hear in the hospital is machines beeping for this or that, but every time this beeping happened a nurse would stick her head around the corner and tell me to breath. It seems that because of the pain my breath was shallow and this machine was a reminder to take a deep breath. I never thought in my whole life that I would need a machine to tell me to breath. I LOVE to breath!

When I came home there was no machine beeping to tell me to breath, so I decided to do it myself. I know the breathe heals, my friend Sarah always tells me to take a breath down to my toes. This was not easy. It was very painful. My rib cage was sore, all the organs on the right side of my body were inflamed by the microwave procedure, so taking a deep breath brought tears to my eyes.

As I lay there trying to breath healing light and energy into my body, I thought that the hardest and most painful thing I was doing~breathing, was the thing that was going to help me the most.

A light went off in my head. This is like life! some of the hardest experiences we go through in life, the most painful, the most challenging, are the experiences that help us to grow the most. That make us a better person, that prepare us for something down the road. A lesson, that once learned, will make another experience easier, another time in our life more seamless. Every single thing we do prepares us for another.
So here I am, making a conscious effort to breath deeply, each day getting a little better, a little easier and knowing I will be all right.
Don't take your breath for granted. Feel the breath enter your body and go all the way down to your toes, let it out slowly and know that it is your companion, in times of fear and stress, it will help you get through most anything life can serve up.


  1. I say you are an amazing women, Susan! May the light shine on you today and the next day, and the next, and the next. Dawn Frank

  2. Feel better, Susan. Healing thoughts and prayers are being sent your way.

  3. Dear Susan,

    we love you so much, Susan! send you hugs and healing prayers, and much much love!

    Sara, Mitì e Cesidio

  4. Hello Susan: glad all is over and you are on the mend Pray for you every day. No one can prepare for you for what your body feels like after major surgery. but every day you will feel a little better. little steps - that's how we heal. God bless.
    Diane, Garnet Valley, PA

  5. Dear Susan, The light will shine on you again soon. You are a gift to so many others, try to find a few nice little things you can do for youself today. Take time to heal you. Love, Dawn