Monday, February 13, 2012

Come one , come all to the Circus!

As I was sleeping and dreaming in my chemo induced state last week, my daughter was planning her son Brandon's 6th birthday.
Tina has one a theme for each of her kids birthdays since they have been born, these kids know how to pick a theme and Brandon wanted a Circus theme. There was a clown doing face painting and balloon animals, there was a hot dog machine with all the fixings, there was a candy table made in heaven, the kids went crazy, there was a party photo box where you pick your own costume and take a picture.
 Red balloon noses to try on!

Tina even hand cut from tissue paper the rings of tissue that went around the elephant's neck, she thought of everything.
I was able to stop by for a short visit and here are some of the fantastic pictures!

The kids had a great time and so did the adults!

Cookies, cupcakes, peanuts, candy, hot dogs you name it and Tina had it!

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  1. susan, you look great! and your smile! that stuff is not getting even close to your deep self-- it keeps shining through!! much love sara