Saturday, February 11, 2012

Longer than expected

It has been a little more than a week since I've been infused by chemo.

We went down last Friday and I was in a much better place than I was before. This time I feel like I can do this. I was not feeling sick. We went down early to get a blood test. They always do this right before chemo to make sure the counts are OK. As I was sitting and getting all my drugs the nurse showed up and told me that I had a very low blood count, that I was" 2 pints low" as Clint put it, like changing the oil in a car!

After the  infusion they wanted to give me a blood transfusion. This is something I never had before and I did read enough of the Vampire movies to give me a little pause before I said OK. It is a little freaky to see someone else blood go right into your veins. All this new and exciting stuff happening... stroke, blood transfusion? what he heck is happening??

As I asked the nurse what would happen~ she put it this way " A little pep in your step" I was expecting to dance out of there but that really didn't happen. I went home with my bag of 5FU, right to bed. I was unhooked on Sunday but received a liter of water and then again on Monday another liter of water. They are pumping me full of all the things that the chemo drains of you. Today is Saturday and I have to say that I have been in bed since last Friday, today the following Saturday, being the only day I started to feel better.
Fatigue, how to explain? I can sleep almost 24 hours and then wake up still completely exhausted. no other way to say it. When the doctor tried to explain the symptoms from all these drugs, he had all the other symptoms on one page and FATIGUE on a page by itself. It deserves a page all to itself!

So here I am starting to feel just a little bit better, not queasy, eating small amounts, just so damn tired!
I figure it is my body fighting all the bad stuff and leaving me weak, and so I sleep.
This week, not so bad.
Thank you for all the cards, food, notes, and prayers. I feel loved each and every day and I thank you.

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