Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Hospital stay

I have not been feeling good for weeks now. Dry heaves, throwing up, exhaustion. I just couldn't shake it. I know I had a full week of doctors rests and visits coming up and Clint and I just looked at each other in tears and thought "How" how can I do this.
My week consisted of Monday~ oncologist visit, Tuesday~ Radiation Oncologist visit, also~ Interventional radiation visit.
Wednesday~ CT/PT scan, Thursday ~Flow study test. Every day in town for something else, long and laborious. I was dry heaving several times a day and without warning, taking my medicines but nothing was helping. I was in bed sick and tired.
On Monday when I went into see my oncologist, dry heaving and gagging the whole way, tears streaming down my face, he told Clint."I need to put her in the hospital. Go to the emergency at Jeff, I will call ahead."
I did not want to go to the hospital, not sure why but I did know now that I did not have a choice. As Clint drove up Broad Street to Jeff, I was upset but knew I had to do this.
We were admitted on Monday around 10 AM. I was placed a a emergency room and they started with the testing. I finally got a room around 6PM, busy, busy hospital.
My experience was nothing like I could imagine. My room was new, the nurses and doctors and right down to Transport, who take you from test to test. These people were wonderful, friendly. The thing I heard most other than,"Can I take your vital signs" was what can I do to make you feel better, make you comfortable, too cold? too hot? need water?
I stayed in the hospital until Friday. I kept spiking a 102.5 fever. They gave me every test know to man, I think. They checked my tummy and colon for a blockage, my gallbladder, a cat scan of my head, chest, abdomen. Blood work every day, of course done at 4 AM. Cultures, samples of anything that comes out of your body. I had so many tests I lost count.
From all this testing I did find out that the cancer is NO WHERE else. Only in my liver. Which makes me happy, because when you are feeling sick, every ache and pain is Cancer to you. All my doctors came to me in the hospital to meet and discuss my treatments and test results. These doctors are young, knowledgeable, confident and efficient right along with the nurses, they answered every question and put us at ease. I did have the Flow study, they go into the groin to see if they can find a path to the liver to inject the radioactive pellets that will "Kill" the Cancer. All went well with that too, they found a path. This was done under conscious sedation, which means you are awake, but you just don't care.
I have only one complaint during my 5 days there~ NO SLEEP. I know you hear this all the time but it is true. Every hour they came in for something else, usually starting at 10 PM or so, vital signs, blood cultures, heparin shot in the belly at 2 AM( not a fun way to wake up) chest ex ray, yes in the middle of then night, more vital signs, more blood, take your pills, no sleep for 5 days. When I left there on Friday night I wanted to go to bed for a week.
I came home tired but at least I knew that my whole body was scanned and tested and probed. I am scheduled for the radioactive pellets in two weeks time, if the insurance company approves it. I am tired, been sleeping non stop to try to catch up on my lost sleep, but I do not have dry heaves and I am feeling better every day.
Sometimes you think you know what is good for you but this was not the case. A visit to a Wonderful Hospital like Jefferson put my mind at ease and let me know that the medical profession still cares, while I am still be treated, this is very important to me.
I know it's been a awhile since I wrote but now you know why!
Thanks again for all the cards and notes I came home to, I really appreciate your love and hope in me.


  1. Was worried when you had not posted for a while, but glad you are starting to feel somewhat better. I hope all works out with the insurance company and you are on a smooth road to recovery soon. Diane Costello, Garnet Valley, PA

  2. Hooray for you!!!!! So glad you are feeling better!!! You look good too. So happy you had wonderful test results!

  3. so glad to read about the great test results! Denise