Sunday, April 8, 2012


                                          WINDOW WITH A VIEW

I am blessed, I know I say that a lot but it is true.

I am surrounded by arms wide open and prayers and thoughts and love all around me.

I feel this every day, especially when I am sick and too tired to get out of bed. I think of my wonderful bedroom, where I have been spending most of my time (other than the bathroom floor), three beautiful windows that look out into the sky, my comfortable bed, and my husband that doesn't take his eyes off me.
Tina and Dominick are like Hawks, they follow my every move, they are my "watchers" too, I am Lucky indeed!

 I am surrounded by love and hope and inspiration from all my clients who I really like to call my friends. That has what you become, my army of inspiration, the hands that hold me up and tell me it will be OK. All your wishes, cards and messages and hope for me is overwhelming. I am blessed, I am lucky.

I had a wonderful dinner with close family. We ate at my Mom's, she insisted. I have still been beleaguered with side effects, so I was happy to be at my Mom's. Everyone made something and it was wonderful. We talked, we argued, we laughed, we remembered my Dad. Another holiday thinking of him at the table, enjoying the meal and joking with everyone. In my heart he was there.

Next two weeks~ lots of tests and meeting with doctors. The chemo isn't working and they are proceeding with the Interventional Radiology. Those tiny pellets they put in the liver to kill it. I figure what the heck, they tried to burn them out, microwave really, it didn't work, they tired to poison them out with high does of chemo, that didn't work so now they want to radiate them out. What the heck, go with the flow!
Speaking of flow, before this happens they will do a FLOW STUDY to see if they can get the pellets where they want them. That is on April 26. Operation is May10 if that works out.
I am feeling better every day. Still have some really bad days but I can see I am coming out of this, thank goodness, it has been a long road and I want me back.
I thank each and everyone of you who has thought about me or sent me a note(love those notes) couldn't do this without family and friends. So THANK YOU I wish you a blessed and peaceful Spring.


  1. God bless you and your family Susan. Glad you were able to celebrate Easter. I pray for you daily that God will continue to bless you with your inner strength and the strength of family on the road ahead.

    Diane, Garnet Valley, PA

  2. Dear Susan, I have been reading your blog since day one. When I read it was back, I felt horrible for you. It kicked me in the stomach,I couldn't imagine what it did to you. As I've read every week I can't believe the courage and spunk you have. My sisters niece,24, found out she had uterine cancer at Christmas time. She had surgery,has been going through chemo and will do radiation after that. I wanted to ask you to talk to her but as young as she is ,she has come through this process like a champ. Hopefully one more chemo. treatment. You and her have such big hearts and understanding that I am in awe of you both. I pray that you get through this,you make me and I'm sure, alot of other people,to see life differently. Your smile alone lights up the page. I am so glad to have met you years ago. You are truly an amazing person. Thank you for all YOUR inspiration.