Saturday, March 14, 2009


What can I say .. our favorite place to eat in all of the world .. the place that brought us both back to Rome this time .. the place we dream of when we think of food .. Armando's .. a place we have been going to for over 15 years .. maybe more .. we head to Armando's if ever even near Rome .. we bring our friends & family there .. we send people to eat there .. we LOVE Armando's !
Located on a tiny side street across from the majestic beauty that is the Pantheon .. a small tiny restaurant that you wouldn't even know was there unless someone told you about it .. and funny to say I am almost reluctant to tell anyone about this gem but I can't resist .
Armando's is a family place .. where you find families and friends dining .. business people & regulars that have been going daily and for years .. the chef & his brother kisses almost everyone who walks through the door .. including us !
The food ... where do I begin ? well at the Antipasto I think .. Carciofi ~ the best in all of Rome .. and dare I say I should know . I eat carciofi in every restaurant I dine in ... & they make the very best !!! I order it every time ! the cipolline .. tiny little onions cooked to perfection .. the roast peppers .. the grilled and marinated assortment of vegetables that change daily and according to season .. this is always our first course .. at leisure .. they never rush you there ..then comes the second course .. sometimes pasta ... Clint & I love the Pasta Amatriciana or the pasta con cacio & pepe.. or today the lasagna cacio & pepe ~ out of this world .. Clint loves the Roast Veal & potatoes .. I had a taste of his and it is heaven .. I have to say that everything every morsel that comes out of that kitchen is prepared with the finest & freshest of ingredients and added for that very special taste is the ingredient of love .. it shows and you can taste the love ! I am not kidding !
The restaurant began in 1961 with Armando , the father .. it is now run by his sons ~ the two brothers ~
Claudio ~the chef & Fabrizio his brother .. Claudio's daughter Fabiana is the wine sommelier and her husband Mario runs the dining room .. a family affair of good food and great tradition and the best food in all of Roma .. dare I say the world !

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