Thursday, March 12, 2009

From Italia

I am sitting here in a small apartment in the center of Rome .. it is after 11 PM & we are just coming from dinner .. if I was home I would be sound asleep in bed ! As I write I can hear the sound of motorini.. the small & very abundant little motorcyles that everyone rides here.. they zig zag through and around traffic like some kind of ballet performance scaring and astounding us at every turn !.. I can here the sound of voices "ciao ciao"~ one ciao is never enough .. sometimes it is 4 or 5 before they actually do say goodbye ~we call it the Italian goodbye .. a long process of kissing cheeks and hugging and then the final CIAO & Buona Notte.. Buona Sera & a domani ( until tomorrow !!) that accompanies every separation~A goodbye as only the Italians do !

We have been here since Tuesday morning .. it is Thursday night .. we fell very easily into the Italian lifestyle of good food .. wonderful wines at lunch & dinner .. 3 hour meals daily ~ the arm in arm walks.. the wonderful vibe that is Rome !

There are churches on every corner .. actually 2 & 3 churches in a block.. Roman ruins make up the structures of the stores and the restaurants .. the Italians live among history .. it is amazing to behold .Each doorway hold a story or a courtyard filled with flowers.. we wander through the streets and down tiny alleyways discovering and marveling at everything we see.I want to scream HAIL CEASAR ! at every turn .

I will write more about our journey in Rome .. about the food... the people..the markets....the fashion .. the shoes...the flavor & Intensity that is Rome ... a city like no other.

But for now .. it is way past my bed time so I bid you" Ciao Ciao & Buona Notte"A Domani ~~
Ciao Ciao !!!!


  1. Thank you so much Susan for taking the time to share your adventure while you are still living it. I went onto your blog at this late hour not really expecting any postings, but checking non the less. I was delightfully surprised that you took the time to share while still enjoying the wonderful pleasures of Rome. Through your words, I am able to imagine, feel and hear all that is Rome. I am guessing that you and Clint have not met with Marti and P yet. When you do, enjoy and take lots of pictures to share when you get back. Take Care :)

  2. We had a lovely day with you and Clint in Florence yesterday and I love reading your description of Roma..let's here some more !

  3. Ciao Marti & P.. what a wonderful time we had yesterday .. being in your company .. sitting and having lunch at the Typical Trattoria you chose .. sipping wine , lemoncello , Vin Santo ... walking around the Mercato Centarale In sunny Florence !! We loved spending time with you !
    We are out wandering the small alleyways of Roma this beautiful morning .. I will write again soon ! love to you both ! Susan & Clint

  4. Ciao Carol !!! thanks so much for your comment !! we did see Marti & P yesterday & took plenty of pictures .. it was a wonderful visit!
    Roma is exceeding our wildest imaginations with food , wine and people watching .. I think I may have a million stories running through my head ! keep posted ! Ciao Ciao from Roma !