Friday, March 13, 2009

A million reasons to love Roma

Sights ,Sounds, Flavors of Rome ... this city comes at you from so many directions ..

~ The many sounds of Rome : the clinking of espresso cups, roar of motorini swerving between impossible small spaces , the sing~ song melodious language ..musical words running together , the church bells announcing the hour, the sounds of water~fountains everywhere~water running out of marble mouths ,cherubs and gargoyles...people calling in greetings ,men & women exchanging kisses.. the clicking of high heels among the cobblestones .. the sound of honking horns and cars riding over the uneven pavements..the buzz of an Ape' ~ a three~ wheeled motorcycle masking as a small pick up truck , the tinkle of the Hare Krishna bells.. the sound of silence in the many churches. The laughter of small children and the whispers of teenagers... the voices of the older men ~sitting on benches talking about life & food & politics ! The older , elegant Italian women bargaining with the shop owners .. demanding the best meats & produce their money can buy .

~The sights of Rome : the majestic Umbrella pines , the small alleyways that hold a myriad of surprises behind each doorway .. sometimes a tiny store , other times a magnificent garden with marble columns..the mouthwatering display of produce & vegetables in the Campo de Fiori market .. the corner flower stalls abundant with the color of spring .. the store windows ~each displaying their wares like artwork in a museum .. the fancy underwear stores with lace bras & panties in all hues of lavender & purple ..the shoe stores !! oh my goodness the shoe stores!!~boots ~ both high heels and impossibly sexy to flat heeled boots that give a military appearance~millions of shoes that look like sweets in a candy store.. I want to buy one in every color !~ The Madonnas ~ on every building and every corner .. painted frescoes or tiny statues adorned with vases of fresh flowers & tiny flicking candles.. the handsome Polizia .. in their tight dark blue uniforms with white belts and dark slicked back hair standing erect and looking oh so serious and sexy at the same time ! The pieces of antiquity .. the roman ruins , temples, columns, bridges , stones , walls , statues among the Rome of today ! Incredible ! The churches .. magnificent & majestic... one-sometimes two or three on every block sometimes wedged between tall buildings and nestled in corners .. the cupolas... rising in the sky~ you can catch a glimpse at every turn framed with the background of blue sky.

The flavors of Rome ... sharp pecorino cheese... sweet prosciutto.. oh -so fabulous thin slices of pizza with grilled vegetables or roasted fungi.. creamy gelato .. strong thimble- size cups of strong espresso... smooth foamy cappuccino ..croissants filled with chocolate & nutella , marmalata or creama .. flaky and heavenly.. Carciofi Romano~ my all- time favorite food drizzled with extra virgin olive oil ..Carciofi Guidica .. fried in a crisp batter-so light & heavenly !
Pasta Amatriciana...Gnocchi with a creamy gorgonzola sauce or a fresh tomato & basil sauce .. you will lick your fingers ! grilled fish with lemon squeezed on top and drizzled with olive oil.. crusty breads.. thin crisp bread sticks.... antipasto~ a platter of sauteed , grilled and roasted vegetables~ a fusion of color and taste that is hard to forget ... the wines .. vino rosso a casa .. wine that is sweet to drink and easy going down .. bottles of Sangiovese .. deep red and luscious .. pinot grigio.. crisp and clean.. bottles of water sans- gas for me .. but bubbly and sweet too .Roasting chestnuts on the corners.. paninis made with fresh creamy buffalo mozzarella ,
Panna cotta ,Torte della nonna ~made with pine nuts, fresh pineapple with gelato on top !!!

The language ~the words floating through the air : allora , prego , ciao, bella ,grazie ,buona sera, buona notte,buon giorno ,come sta , per favore ,molto bene ,pronto, va bene, molto, si , fantastico, perfecto, tutto posto, basta ,il conto.. vowels , vowels & more vowels... each one pronounced separately... it is a musical sound and oh so easy to listen to ... and the gestures.. to listen to an Italian speak is to also watch .. gestures follow every sentence .. it is a conductor leading a band a show for all to see .. it is Rome a feast for all the senses ..

Now I am hungry and we are doing what all Italians do .. talking about where and what to eat ! Ciao Ciao !!!! BUONA SERA


  1. Oh my goodness Susan, you could work for Italy Department of Tourism. You would have people flocking there in droves just on your word and descriptions alone. What a poetic way to describe daily life in Italy. In addition to your wonderful way with words, it certainly must have something to do with your love of all things Italian :)

  2. Una parola per tutto...MAGNIFICO!