Monday, March 2, 2009


I am sitting here in front of the computer trying to warm up .. silly place to try to warm myself ~my toes are numb .. my nose feels frozen and my fingertips are a bright red ... I did just get back from sledding .. something I haven't done in a really long time .. (now I know why )

I am lucky enough to live quite close to my daughter ~ a few blocks ~.. and to a hill that is not called suicide hill .. just a little slope really ... just my speed ...Although it is still very windy and snowing like crazy .. the kids wanted to go sledding .. so Mimi and Pop pop piled on as many clothes as we could & still mange to walk in and went out into this March blizzard to sled !

I felt like the Michelin man wrapped in two pairs of pants and about 3 sweatshirts , gloves , scarf, hat .. still not enough to keep me warm !

The ages of the kids on this hill ranged from 5 to about 8 years old .. and then there was me ! trying to sit my self down on a newfangled sled that was a roll up piece of blue plastic that didn't want to unroll !
With Christopher on my lap .. we were off .... it went pretty fast for a little flimsy plastic thing.. and we were laughing all the way down .. it didn't come with brakes and there was a small child mesmerized right in front of me that I thought for sure we would barrel into .. we stopped just in time !

My daughter and her husband actually took a bet .. that I would not show up for this sledding event .. I am notoriously known for hating snow .. in any form and amount ! But this was fun .. if only for about 20 minutes .. that was all I could take until I trudged back home to get warm and here I sit .. warming myself up with the computer screen and a cup of tea!

The snow looks really pretty .. prettier yet from inside my house !

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  1. So much fun to see the snow you got yesterday! Hey, remember Felxible Flyers, the wooden sled with the red paint on the blades! The older they got the better. You could run with it and then flop on it in mid air for a great ride! I used to hit the hill at Glenolden Park. I don't think I could run and flop like I used to..either break the sled or myself.
    Great pix Susan. I really enjoyed being there with you and the kids.