Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am a firm believer that thoughts are real .. that what you think about creates what you have in your life .. Since my kids were little I have always stressed the positive in life ."think positive" I would tell them .. to this day if you would ask either of them what my motto is I'll bet they both would say the same thing ..

If you wake up thinking Mondays or rainy days are horrible .. I'll bet anything that you get your wish .. so why not think the best you can always !!!! I know life throws us some curve balls but all in all if you keep you eye on the goal and a smile in your heart .. life becomes a fun journey instead of a daily drudge .

If you read my blog a few days ago you would know that I have been dreaming about Italy ..this has been going on for a while now ... I have been reading every book I can get my hands on about my favorite subject ~ ITALY travel memoirs... cookbooks...true stories about Immigrants coming to this country ~ not knowing a soul or the language and making a life for themselves ~My father is one of those people .

My dad came to this country via France .. he left his hometown of Giulianova in Abruzzi ,Italy to go to France to work in the iron factories so he could earn money to pay his passage to the US .. he hoped to make this country his home and future .He met and married my mother in a matter of a few weeks in an marriage arranged by his Uncle Fred .. he became a barber and the rest is history ...(and a whole other blog !)

I am now trying to get my Italian citizenship through my dad's birthright .. he became a US citizen after I was born .....that is another thing I have been researching these past few months ..

I talk regularly to my friend Marti in Tuscany about all things Italian ~she has a wonderful blog called MANGIA TUTTO I get an Italian word of the day on ABOUT .COM .. I follow a wonderful blog called BLEEDING ESPRESSO ...and also read anything that my friend Paula writes about Italian history, art and culture on her web site called PAULA'S TOUR TALK .. I subscribe to ITALIAN NOTEBOOK a great three times a week email on all things Italian ...
My office is full of pictures that we took on previous trips .. in every corner is a memory of times in Italy .

Where is this story leading you are saying ???

Well on Monday March 9th Clint and I will be going to ROME !!!!!!! my thoughts are powerful and I am going to Rome !!!! It will be a short trip .. only 5 days but we are doing something that Clint and I have been talking about for a while .. we are renting a little apartment in the center of Rome ~close to the CAMPO DEI FIORI the wonderful vibrant market that sells everything from flowers to fish to underwear ! we have no agenda .. other than to meet and have lunch with Marti & Piero in Florence of course... we plan on living like the Italians .. eating like the Italians and living la dolce vita .. if only for 5 days !

Clint tells me next to turn my thoughts to the Lottery !!!! but guess what ?? I already won the lottery ~I AM GOING TO ITALY !!!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! Can't wait to read all about your trip :)

  2. Thanks Michelle ... I can't begin to tell you how wonderful your blog is and how much I enjoy reading what you write about and watching those fun video clips you send ! I must have watched the one on the Tarantella a 100 times ! You are a big influence on me ~ and I THANK YOU ! Susan

  3. Can't wait to see vediamo presto!

  4. I am so jealous! Please take lots of photos and post an album. Buon viaggio!

  5. You were able to use that Great fare out of Phila,I hope...
    Enjoy, enjoy,enjoy, I need to wait until Oct.
    But am in great anticipation ! Going to Spoleto,Umbria as a base, Any info from fellow travellers ?
    Great spot near the campo,close to so much. Will wait for pics and comments.

  6. I am sitting here on this snowy day, feeling kind of trapped in my house and then I read your blog. I can't tell how it has brightened my day. How exciting and spontaneous for you and Clint. That is truly living la dolce vita!!!! Wish I could stow away in your suitcase. YOU ARE GOING TO ITALY NEXT WEEK, JUST LIKE THAT! GOOD FOR YOU. I look forward to sharing it with you when you get back. I called my Italian cousin who speaks Italian to find out what the proper closing for this comment would be and she said like plrussell said Buon viaggio!!!

  7. Grazie a tutti !!!!!!! I can't wait but I know it will be here before I know it~ getting my "Italian Clothes " ready !!! We will take plenty of pictures and share them on this blog !

  8. I am making Chocolate Obsession with you in mind. Hope I survive until next week!