Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Whenever I hear that song .. I think of Willie Nelson .. it is impossible not to ..with his long silver braids and battered guitar .. his face as well as his songs have become a part of our music history .

I have a list written somewhere .. a list of things I want to do and people I want to see.. Willie is on that list ! I am a big fan .. I have all the CD's and almost single one~ and there are alot of them ~ is different .. his music changes and yet stays the same .. his voice is recognizable and comforting to me .. it is Americana .. a patchwork of pieces of life .

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure and honor to see Willie Nelson perform .. and what a show!! Willie travel the US in his bus ~a legend in itself ! ~ his schedule is a series of one-night stand all across the US.. traveling to places you might not even know existed .

I went to his web site .. yes Willie has his own web site and found that he was performing at the AMERICAN MUSIC THEATER in Lancaster .. a pleasant ride through the Amish country~ it took Clint & I a little over an hour to get there .. with my cowboy boots & my fringe jacket I was ready to see Willie !!

What a show !! a foot tapping , hand clapping , head bobbing show ! I couldn't sit still .. I didn't want to sit still and as I looked at the sell~ out crowd I realized that everyone in the theater was swinging to the music .. it was infectious .. it was fun.. it was pure entertainment .. it was WILLIE NELSON & ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL .. it was Western Swing !! it was a celebration of timeless unique spirited music !!

Two fiddles .. one played by 14 year old Ruby ! a brass section .. a mind blowing steel guitar , piano ,drum , bass and Willies' old guitar .. the music flowed and vibrated through the crowd .. not one person was sitting still and 2 1/2 hours later as the show ended .. everyone stood to a rousing ovation for such a wonderful night filled with the happiness that only great music can elicit .

One of the highlights of our night came after the concert was over . As we walked to our car we saw a small crowd gathered around Willie's infamous bus .. we went over to take a look and there right in front of us not 2 feet away was a black cowboy hat atop a head of silver braids ! with a bright smile and a twinkle in his eye~ Willie was talking and joking with the group of fans and signing autographs .. this was unbelievable !! Clint handed him his ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL hat to sign and I just stood there staring at Willie grinning from ear to ear !

What a wonderful and surprising end to a fun- filled ,thigh- slapping, foot- tapping night !
Willie Nelson is truly an American Legend !!!

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  1. I've always liked Wille Nelson, too. I'd bet a euro he'd know about porcupine stew. Dontcha think?