Thursday, February 5, 2009


Inspiration.. we all need it .. it is only human to find that some mornings are harder to face than others.. some situations in our life won't go away .. the news brings us down .. the bills keep coming .. we go day to day without making changes and we just feel the same .. but we wish for more .. we want better...

I look for inspiration every where .. I want to change my life for the better every day .. I want happiness and smiles and a satisfaction that I am making a difference in my life.. that I am doing all I can do .. that when I sit in a rocking chair many years from now .. I will have lived a good , interesting and full life .. without regrets ~My life is now .. not tomorrow , not next week or next year .. I have to do it now ..

Changes are not always easy and if we look at the whole picture it is sometimes daunting .. but I say .. take one little step at a time .. look at the changes you want to make and just take one step every day towards your goal .. and before you know it you will be there.

Keeping a journal or just writing on a note pad every morning helps .. A few years back I came across a book by JULIA CAMERON " THE ARTISTS WAY "in this book she encourages a practice called morning pages.. it is just the act of writing 3 full pages of thoughts every morning before you do anything else .. she says to write .. just write .. don't worry about spelling, punctuation, or anyone reading it .. it is for your eyes alone .. you can even destroy it as soon as you write it .. the idea behind this is to get all those thoughts that run around in your head ~out of your head .. so you can think clearly and also make decisions based on your thoughts and feelings .

For years I have done this off and on .. I fall by the wayside every once in a while but to tell you the truth my life is better when I do this ...sometimes I rant & rave .. sometimes I brainstorm and sometimes I just write nonsensical things~Lots of times by the time I finish writing I made a decision about something or I feel better about a problem that was bothering me .

I encourage you to try it ! It can't hurt and it's free !

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