Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This will be my intro to blogging , something I've always wanted to do but for some reason , stayed away from .. like the saying goes "If you think you can't ~you won't.. but if you think you can ~ you will" .. so this morning I thought "why not " and here I am !

I am a first generation Italian American.. my Dad was born in Italy and came to this country in 1954 to marry my Mom in an arranged marriage .. they just celebrated their 55 th anniversary .. and who said arranged marriages don't work !

I grew up thinking everyone was Italian .. we lived in a very Italian neighborhood.. with a corner grocer and a butcher along with the hucksters that passed everyday selling everything from fish to brooms to rocking chairs .. Crusty warm loafs of bread were delivered daily by the breadman ..
I ate fabulous comforting foods every day .. pasta was a staple and it seemed that my mother was always in the kitchen .

Food played an important part in my life .. we celebrated , commiserated ,talked about , planned meals and shared recipes on a daily basis ...our home was always filled with the aromas of our family meals ..my life , at an early age with surrounded by food . It is something I took for granted until I realized that not everyone ate like we did .

This abundance of food and flavor influenced my life .. I started my catering business in 1986 , a novice in the business world but an expert on eating good food .. I started teaching cooking class almost immediately~ wanting to share everything I knew about good home-cooked food .Over the years this business has grown and I am cooking my way through my life .. enjoying every morsel!

This blog will be a collection of stories , recipes and reminiscing of wonderful,delicious and above all comforting foods .. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Saluti dal Toscana!
    Susan, the blog looks and sounds terrific! I'm very curious about the Chocolate Obsession recipe and will have to try that. Maybe for V. Day coming up.
    I look forward to reading about all your stories and trying your recipes. Love it!

  2. Grazie Marti !!! my first comment !