Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have always been someone who felt the need to exercise .. I love to cook & eat so I felt I need to balance that out .. in my 20's I ran .. I started out slowly ~ running a mile or so every day then working my way up to longer distances ~I ran for about 10 years .. competing several times in a 10 mile race called the Broad Street Run as well as the Philadelphia Distance Run... a 1/2 marathon .. I never ran a whole marathon .. 26 miles at one time .. my body would not cooperate! !

When my feet & knees started to protest I took up Karate .. I studied for 5 years ... it was not something I really thought I would like .. I am a non violent person .. but Karate teaches body awareness as well as some great self defense techniques and lots of self confidence .. I took Karate for 5 years learning discipline , self control and I learned to be confident standing in front of people . I got my Black Belt and a realization that I could do anything I put my mind to .

Next on my wish list was building muscle ! I knew I was getting older and I needed to get rid of or at least minimize that jiggle we all have ! So I started lifting weights .. I joined a gym owned by a "ROCKY " style trainer .. he taught me how to hit a bag .. punch a speed bag .. press 180 lbs and dead lift close to 200 lbs ..Now I have to tell you that I am not a tall person so I did build muscle but I was starting to look like a fire plug !!! & I was getting up there .. at 50 my body protested more than it did at 30 .

This bring me to today .. when all I want to do is take a walk ! Funny but really it's OK .. I did the other stuff .. sometimes I wish I could go back .. and if I had the determination to I would .. but really ~~ I just want to take a walk !! nothing strenuous .. but refreshing and it is exercise .. sometimes that's all I have time for and all I really want .. to take a walk.. get outside .. clear my head .. get some fresh air and a new perspective on my life .

My body doesn't protest when I take a walk .. it rejoices !!! and when I come home my cheeks are rosy and my mind is clear and I felt like I did something for me .I can hear the birds and look at the sky and check out the neighborhood .It really is a fun thing to do .

So let your mind & your body Thank You ~do something for you !~ take a walk today !!!


  1. Love this blog.
    Full of surprises!

  2. Love this blog too! Enjoyed reading about papiano's life in Italy. Like her already. I attended some of your classes at Pratt & Co. and your Mother's Day Luncheon with my daughter last year. Great time! I think this blog is a great idea. I enjoy sharing your positive outlook and sunny disposition. It's all good. Look forward to attending some of your classes or outings soon. :)