Monday, April 20, 2009


As I sit here on the computer it is pouring outside .." all day rain" as Clint likes to say .. stormy , windy , rainy .. a perfect day to stay in bed under the covers or curled up with a good book .I am doing neither .. I am here on the computer searching for inspiration .. looking for clues .. trying to not to feel down or blue ..

Some days are just like that .. you wake up not feeling yourself .. not happy but not entirely sure why or what you can do about it .. I make an effort not to read the newspaper .. not to listen to the news .. I find it all so depressing sometimes .. Bad news makes the headlines .. so I turn away from that .. but today nothing seems to be helping .. not even cooking ~which usually makes me happy .

Why is it that sometimes we just feel blue .. not ourselves .. and it's hard to snap out of it .. writing sometimes helps me so I am trying that too .. maybe I can write myself out of this mood !

I will take some time to think or meditate .. close my eyes and think of what I have in my life .. which is a lot & I will dwell on the good and know that this too shall pass and April Showers (even the downpours ) bring May flowers !

Here is wishing you a Happy Day and lots of flowers !


  1. I'm working on writing the demons out of me. I actually think it might work. Always helps to read what you have to say. And today I'll cook.

  2. Sorry to hear that you were feeling a little down the other day. You are always so optimistic and happy, I wondered if even you were ever a little down from time to time as I sometimes can be. Even though an occasional rain can be so cozy, I believe that we have had enough now and I look forward to seeing and feeling the sun on my face for more than one day here and there. Like you, I know and appreciate that I have an abundance of wonderful things in my life and it is all good. I too do not like to watch the news (even though everyone says you have to be informed)or read the headlines. Although, I do check the weather and the sun is coming back and as I am sure you know it is going to be sunny and warm, warm, warm this weekend. Dare I say too warm for this time of the year? NO, absolutely not :) Outside my dining room window my cherry tree is just bursting with flowers (thanks to the rain we both mentioned and now the warm weather)and I will be leaving for a cruise this week and I am so looking forward to your shopping with Susan excursion when I get back. Geez, I think I just kicked those blues out the window. LG (Lifes Good)