Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am always looking to do something new and interesting with my business ... I have been in the food business in one way or another since 1983 .. yes you read that right .. it surprises me too to think I have been cooking or thinking about cooking for that long .. as I always say time passes very quickly in life !! Especially when you are having fun!
The cooking classes I teach are wonderful but I am always trying to add a twist to make life & food more interesting .. to inspire and make people want to cook for their family & friends .. to think about food in a new way !
So this winter .. I started to think about taking a Food Inspired Tour of Chester County .. a land .. not too far away .. of rolling hills, scenic farms , Amish buggies ,a land rich in agriculture and full of beauty .. only a short beautiful drive from here.
Clint & I have been taking leisurely drives to Chester County on our days off .. just exploring .. finding antiques shops and farmers markets.. brown eggs and rich & tasty mushrooms, affordable colorful flowers .. fresh milk & cream and luscious produce.
I want to share this beautiful countryside with my clients ... so this Spring I am offering a LOCAL CULINARY ADVENTURE to Chester County .
Yesterday Clint & I went to visit all the farms & people we will be visiting this Saturday .. it was a great day .. our schedule is crammed with stops to visit a Mushroom farm that has been in the same family for years .. quite an operation ! You will never look at mushrooms the same way again ! We will talk to a retired man who makes jams & jellies with the fruit growing on his farm and has won awards for the interesting concoctions he dreams up .. a bee keeper with fabulous local honey for sale .. an Amish Dairy farm where we will take a tour of his farm and buy fresh milk & eggs .. a wonderful boutique winery .. we will have lunch in a restaurant owned by a young couple that cook with all local & organic foods from the area .
It promises to be a fun filled special day .. and I will be sure to post pictures .. look for the next Local Culinary Adventure to Chester County .. and join us to see how food is grown and produced and gets to your table !


  1. Sounds great. I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading all about it. Hope the sun is shining for you!

  2. So sorry to miss what sounds like a great tour!! I will be sure to look for the next one to Chester County. It sounds like one my husband would enjoy also. What beautiful weather you will have!!!