Saturday, April 18, 2009


Teaching cooking classes is always fun for me but sometimes it gets to be even more fun .

I had the pleasure of teaching 20 ~ 3 year old how to make pizza the other day .. it was quite an experience .. now you would think the attention span of these kids is short and to a degree it is but when there is food involved~ look out !

There was excitement in the air as they filed out from their class rooms .. they came into the big room set with small tables and chairs .. at each place setting was a pizza pie shell and on the table bowls of topping and 'gravy " and cheese .. there was broccoli & olives ,pepperoni and mozzarella cheese .. .. these kids were ready .. they slathered on the sauce and proceeded to pour mountains of cheese on top of their pizza .. they artfully arrange the toppings .. who likes pepperoni ? olive ? broccoli ?? some wanted them all.. other carefully laid one of two pieces on top of their pizza .. they were laughing and having a good time .. a good sign and one we should all take a lesson from .. cooking is fun .. we should laugh and smile and enjoy our time in the kitchen .. and we get to eat well in the process !

Spend some time in the kitchen with someone you love .. cook together and enjoy the reward of your labors .. food is meant to be shared with love laughter & joy .. be a child again .. if only for a little while !

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