Thursday, April 9, 2009


My family is from Abruzzo.. we have many relatives in Italy all from the area of the earthquake .. over the past few days I have been on the Internet contacting everyone making sure everyone is OK .. emails are flying back and forth along with phone calls and prayers.

I am witness to the devastation through my computer screen . I have been to the beautiful city of L'Aguila ,visited the churches , taken a caffe in the local bars ,walked the cobblestone streets. It is devastating to see the damage that has been done .

My cousins are all OK but terrified none the less .. they write to me as they still feel the tremors that have been rocking the region, asking for prayers and hope . My father comes to my kitchen everyday to talk about Italy .. it was his childhood home and as a little boy he remembers feeling the shaking of the ground and feeling helpless.

One of his closest friends lives in the city center .. She and her Husband managed to escape that night with only the clothes on their backs .. driving the back roads to their daughter's small apartments in Rome .. all the major roads were closed for fear of collapsing bridges & tunnels .It took them all night long ~they are 80 & 83 .I spoke to their daughter who lives in New York .. she was teary and frightened and told me she is walking around in shock .. she grew up in L'Aquila.The many medieval buildings are her home .. now crushed and shaken to rumble .

To witness, even if only through pictures , the devastation and ruin breaks my heart ,it makes me realize what is important in life .It makes me want to reach out and help in any way I can , it makes me sad.

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