Friday, May 14, 2010

One week down!

One week down and 5 more to go!

Wow I have to say that this week sure flew by and if this is any indication of the weeks ahead~ I am one very happy women!

I am receiving radiation five day's week for 6 week along with Chemo that is given through a pump that is attached on Monday and Removed on Saturday morning. The chemo is delivered through a port placed surgically in my chest.

That took some getting use to!~ I feel like Dr.Octopus in Spider Man 2. Especially when I lay on the radiation table face down and just hear clicking and laser sounds! I am the star in my own Super Hero movie! Now if I could fly~that would be wonderful!

But in a way I am flying. This experience can be traveled with hurt and sorrow or it can be thought of as a gift to learn, to look at the world differently, to be so very grateful for EVERYONE and I do mean everyone in my life. I get a chance to take some time to take care of me, to look at a sunny day and a rainy one with wonder and gratitude. To slow down a bit... to eat my mom's cooking, to talk to my kids everyday and spend joyful time with my grand kids! To spend every second of every day in the presence of my wonderful husband. He has not left my side~ we are in the together as is my whole family. I am so lucky to have all of this. It is a gift.

Now, I am not saying that I haven't cried by myself and also with others because I have... I have a sadness in my heart for my body and what it is going through but once the tears are done I am smiling again. I love to smile, I am a happy person who loves to laugh and smile. That is in my favor and I know that.

I want to thank everyone so very, very much for all the emails and thoughts and prayer list and white light and just for being there for me. It is a great feeling and one that I use everyday to make myself better. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


  1. Susan, I am so glad that round one treated you gently. I will pray that each round goes smoothly and quickly and that soon you will be at the point that you are just looking back at all of this....

    You are in my prayer every single day.

  2. You're already a Super Hero to me. Glad the first week is behind you!
    Love from Italy,
    Martha and Piero

  3. I took a lesson with you in Montgomery county---my daughter bought your cookbook for each of us.... and I make your pot roast probably twice a month!!Anyway, while I have not seen you since, I enjoy your emails. I am sorry to hear of your illness... but you will come thru this with your shining spirit and good soul. Hang tough-- remember, we are women, we are strong!
    Fran Winkler