Sunday, May 23, 2010

YEA~ it's me!!!!


I just had to write again after the last post.

I was feeling grumpy and down in the dumps yesterday and I know that it is all OK and I will have those days but I have to write to say that this morning I woke up to ME again!

What a relief!! I was dragging yesterday and thought I would never have any energy again but I came home and took a long hot shower (something I have not been able to do all week because of the port) Soaking in a tub not filled all the way with water is not fun! nor is it relaxing!!

What I needed was a long hot shower and a nice fluffy bed & a win for the Flyers. I had all 3 last night and woke up to the sound of rain showers on a quiet Sunday morning.

I feel like myself. I feel good, I have energy and I made a great breakfast and then off to a Pirate party for my grandson where we all had hooks and mustaches and I could be a wench for a day... it was great fun and just what I needed to lighten up my mood.

Tomorrow back down to JEFF for more blood work and radiation and the 3rd hook up for Chemo... next week I will be half way.

Thanks so much for all your kind words and positive thoughts... they are a huge help to me!

GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Here's to fluffy beds, long hot showers a Flyers win and YOU!
    Tomorrow's Hump Day. We're counting the weeks with you!
    Love you from Tuscany,
    Marti and Piero