Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Today is the day I start my battle.

I will be starting my chemo & radiation treatments today and they will go on for 6 weeks.
An operation will follow sometime in the summer along with more chemo, but I am taking one day at a time! Remember"This moment in time!"

It is a relief in some ways to get this started. I think I have gone through every test they can possibly think of and then some!

My spirits are good and every night I think of just how lucky I really am.

My life is lived day by day. I have a positive outlook and I am a happy person. I have so many wonderful people in my life and that includes not only my family but everyone I have met through my catering and cooking classes & culinary tours! The support and good wishes that are being sent my way is paving a wide bright future for me. I love you all!

I see the good side of this experience. I realize that my life has been touched by so many people.
Now I will have the opportunity to slow down for a little while as I concentrate on beating this. I know my healthy outlook and my exuberance for life will shine through.

I realize just how many people are out there that I know! Some of you have my cookbook or have been to my classes. But I know that you are cooking good food and living your life with gusto!

So remember to live your life today~ be kind to yourself and others... what you put out there surely does come back to you!!!

AND~I don't want to preach but GO GET YOUR COLONOSCOPY!!!!!

You need to take care of yourself!! don't delay ~don't wait.. it doesn't get better on it's own.. you have to take a pro-active stance with your health... your health is everything!!! nothing else matters if you are not feeling well!!

Take care of YOU!!! you deserve it!
love to all!!!


  1. I am stepping up the prayers that this is a smooth treatment course for you, Susan, and you can sail through it quickly and relatively easily.

    I will be adding your blog to my list of favorites and will be checking back often.

    Take care, Susan.

  2. You now have some control,& can begin to see the "homework" that you & your "inner circle" helped you do together! Picture "Pac Man" from years ago, and that GOOD BIG GUY getting all those bad little guys!! You will win & improve your odds each time you put a quarter in the machine! LOL! Lynda Z.

  3. Hi susan-

    I have your cookbook and have been in your cooking classes with my Mom and sisters.

    I will have to say your positve mental state of mind is key to good healing.( along with the great doctors we have)..I to have been side swiped by stage 4 breast cancer and underwent suguries , chemo(9 rounds)- had a double mastectomy- and had 6 weeks of radiation. Along my treatment- between my second and third chemo- I lost my husband of 11 years to suicide- leaving me and my 6 yr old daughter behind. That was almost 2 years ago- we are doing just fine- I still go to the encologist every 3 months- so far so good. I just did the mothers day run on sunday and am on a dragonboat race team to raise money for cancer reasearch. Radiation does take alot out of you- usually after the third week it starts.

    Please keep me posted and know you will be in my prayers . It is great you have your family- mine really got me through!

    Hang in there Cindy Six

  4. Happy to hear that your treatments have started and you're on your way! Thanks for letting us all know.

  5. Patricia C WashkalavitchMay 12, 2010 at 10:50 AM

    Keep the positive attitude, it will really help you get through. You will have good days and some bad but just know that all of your friends and family and myself included will be praying and sending you all of our positive attitude. I really mean this if you need anything please, please let me know I will be honored to help you in any way I can. You are a special person and many people love you. My thoughts and prayer are with you. Love

    Patty Washkalavitch pattywashrn@comcast.net
    or call me 610 356-9306.

    Speri con tutti va bene. Bona Fortuna. Tante baci per te. mandi saluti per tua familia.

  6. Susan,I am praying for you and I know that with your positive attitude and determination you will beat this. My husband is a CANCER survivor as well, stage 4 Colon CANCER, diagnosed in 2008, 6 weeks of chemo & radiation, surgery and more chemo, more surgery, and today in 2010 he is CANCER free!! He is the strongest person I know and he kicked CANCER'S ass, I know you can too! I will continue to follow your blog and your progress through this journey and look forward to many more classes with you & your remarkable family.

  7. Susan,My daughter(Cindy)just told me about your blog yesterday.We attended many cooking classes back in the day at Pratt&Co.It was so strange-I work at Riddle and was sitting out on the bench having my lunch today and there you were-walking into the hospital with your husband holding your hand so tightly! I haven't seen you in many years and just a day before I heard of your illness.Please know that you will be in my prayers along this journey.I always remember your big smile and you were wearing it today!God bless you and continue to hold you in the palm of His hand.