Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toes in the sand!!!

It's Saturday afternoon about 5 PM... I had a full day of work today ... these past two days really. Like I use to ...running up and down the steps... cooking up a storm, laughing and enjoying this business of parties and cooking.

My last day of treatment was last Friday.

I went in for an early radiation treatment and met with the doctor who warned me of the week ahead. "Could be bad" she said. Expect not to feel good, expect to actually feel worse then you have been feeling. Coming down from the drugs... with the highest does of chemo & radiation in your system, expect it to make you feel bad, they warned.

Well~ Friday night we went to the Phillies game with my daughter Tina, Rick and the boys. It was a beautiful clear night. The Ballpark was buzzing with excitement. Ryan Howard hit two home runs followed by a home run from Chase Utley. The Phillies won and I had my hot dog and a great time!

Saturday & Sunday I worked and cooked for parties still not feeling too bad.

On Monday we were headed to the shore for a little R & R and ready to expect the worse.
Monday & Tuesday I was tired and grumpy, wanting to just sleep but by Wednesday I was starting to feel like myself. My old self... the self I missed, the fun, life- loving person that I know I am.
The beach, with my toes in the sand is just what I needed. Some down time, time to do nothing but daydream, read, walk the Jersey shore, smell the salt air, eat steamed clams, laugh with my husband... sleep, rest and do nothing. Just perfect!

We came home in the storm on Thursday night to a four hour drive that should have taken an hour and 1/2. Clint drove home patiently-there was nothing else to do!

We made it home amid the tree limbs and blown leaves, hail and torrential rains... but guess what~ I was feeling good. Great in fact!

I came home to cook ... busy catering weekend this week. We did it in style, we cooked with laughter and calm, knowing I was buzzing around the kitchen like my old self!!

I was expecting the worse and I received a gift! I am slowly healing, still burning down under but it is healing too. I came out of this strong and it gives me hope for the journey ahead. My body can take it ... I can get better... I will be myself again. I am strong and yes, I am healthy too!

Doctors visits coming up along with tests to see what is going on and how the tumor reacted to treatment. Appointments to schedule surgery. All this coming up.
But now ... right now... I am happy, smiling, upbeat, thrilled to feel like me!

I read and re-read my blog... it is healing to me to see my way through this, how I felt, what was in my mind, to see me emerge on the other side. Me again!

I see how important it is to take care of yourself. To take some quiet time for you... to get some fresh air, to laugh, to love, to live in the moment. All this is so important. For everyone!!~ for you!!!
I thank everyone for all the good wishes, the cards, the emails, the prayers. They are what got me here... carried me on their wings. Helped me, supported me, encouraged me!

Thank You!! Thank You!!!
With all my heart!!!!

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