Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taking the Waters

The Italians have a thing for water... running water, still water, fountains, water with gas, sans gas, water you drink and water you wade in.

I am reminded of this now, when running water and soaking water are my best friends.

Several years ago, I went to Italy on a culinary tour with a group of about 22 people . We toured Tuscany and ate and drank our way through the beautiful countryside.
One experience I will never forget was the Waters at Montecatini Terme Spa the mineral spring waters in the northeast part of Tuscany.

We went for the day, 20 of us ... use to the modest beaches of the US. We went in our one piece bathing suits to experience what it is like to "Take the Waters".

Water is healing .. sitting in a still pond smelling like sulphur, having the waters drip out of a fountain onto the top of your head, or wading in a long pool that is filled only knee high so that your knees will feel the jets on both sides.
There were soft jets of water for your neck, little stools to sit on so the jets are directed to the muscles in the back of your neck, or stronger streams of water directed towards your back.
Men in little speedo and women of all ages, sizes and shapes in tiny bikinis- some topless.

Taking the waters, using water as a healing force. This is what I am doing now.
Now that the burning effects of radiation are kicking in.
My treatment is a 6 week course of chemo & radiation taken to together to shrink and reduce this tumor inside of me. Getting chemo & radiation together intensifies the effects of both.

One of the biggest side effects I have experienced this week is the burning sensation I feel on my bottom.
Some on the analogies I used this week to explain this are fire ants crawling around.. a blow torch sort of feeling, itchy burning.. no relief in sight kind of feeling.

Water .. blessed water is my only comfort. Creams, lotions, sprays won't do a thing but when I sit in a tub of warm water it is a gift from the gods! or should I say Italians!

Water is my only relief. So I sit in a tub of water and lay back and dream of Italy and all those men in the tiny speedos and glamours women with gold jewelry and long hair and bikinis and of course usually a cigarette, wading through the sulphur scented waters, healing themselves with water, washing away the stress, the pain, the weight of the world. Water is indeed a magical thing!

Another blog will be posted in a day or two!!!

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  1. Just got back from Roma last night. I think if you took a soak in the Trevi Fountain you'd be soothed as well as pick up some extra $$$. I threw a coin in for you!
    And along with the tiny Speedos, bikinis and cigarettes..there's always the cell phone!