Saturday, July 17, 2010

Getting Stronger

This week has been a good one for me... great actually.
I made the decision to go back to the gym.

I was working out regularly before this diagnosis and when I went through the chemo & radiation treatment it was almost unanimous among my doctors that I would not be able to work out. Unfortunately, they were right!

I've always loved to work out. Now don't get me wrong some days I had to talk myself into it, but once I got going~it sure felt good.

I work out with an old time trainer. His name is Marty Feldman. He was a trainer to championship boxers. It is not a fancy gym but it is a well equipped one with any size and type of weights available along with the knowledge that Marty brings to the workout.

He can make some very minor adjustment in my stance or how I am holding a weight and it makes all the difference in my workout.
He also puts together a program that targets the whole body or most in one set of exercises.

Now you can see from how I am describing this that I really do love to work out with Marty. He will be 77 this year and you wouldn't think he was a day over 50!!! Young, strong and in shape!

I felt good enough to go to the gym 5 days this week, just easing my way with lower weights and more repetitions. I felt good every day!

My last visits with the doctors convinced me that the stronger I am going into this operation, the quicker I will recover. So I am determined to get as strong as I can! It feels good, although I still need my nap in the afternoon!!!

I truly believe that we all deserve to take care of ourselves whether it be a walk or a trip to the gym. This body is the one we have.. no trading it in for a new model! I heard a saying once that went like this`" If I knew I would have this body the rest of my life, I would have taken better care of it!"
How true this is... take some time everyday just for you... for whatever makes you feel good, a walk. a nap, a magazine, soak in the tub, watering your garden.

You deserve this time, you will feel rejuvenated and calm. Live in the now with an eye to the future, a future appreciating what you have and enjoying it now, not wishing for something else.

This journey opened my eyes to all that is around me. My family, my friends, my clients, the people I do business with. There is love & a positive energy in all my relationships. I feel it everyday.
A day does not go by that I do not receive a card, emails or calls, often & still several a day, encouraging me, rooting for me, standing next me on this journey through Cancer. I can feel the support & love of everyone and it is what makes me strong, allows me to know that Yes I can do this, people believe in me! and that allows me to believe in myself!

The strength I am building day by day is not only physical but emotional & mental as well.
I am grateful for all of you following me & supporting me. I believe in the power of thoughts & words and prayer! So THANK YOU!!!!


  1. Great news Susan!!! Keep up the good work! You probably would even be up to considering Zumba. There are classes offered a few doors down from Springfield Ravioli - it's a great workout and it is fun too.

    Prayers continue every single day for you!

  2. Susan,

    I am very happy to hear that you are able to work out. It shames me to know that I haven't had to deal with anything close to what you have and I still can't get my lazy ass to the gym!

    Best of luck with your progress and continued wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

    By the way... Marty Feldman is your trainer?

  3. YES my wonderful knowledgeable trainer IS the one & only Marty Feldman!!!

  4. Hi Sean, I just clicked on Marty's name .. too funny!!!!!!!that is what he looks like after he trains me!