Monday, July 5, 2010

A little break from Cancer~Shopping with Santina

I often wonder where I get my zest for life, my unending exuberance each and every day.

Well I have to look no further than my own family.
I have a saying"it's in the blood."
You inherit certain mannerisms, a expression, a saying, a gesture, they all look familiar and you wonder why?
Look at your family, look no further than the circle of people who you grew up with and you will find your sayings, your expressions, your gestures, your words.

Last Saturday I called my mom and asked if she would like to take a ride to the New Garden's Farmers Market.... now that is a really silly question. My mother is up for anything and at any time.
She is a born shopper. The original shopper, excited, handbag clutched to her side, change purse bulging ,shopping bag in hand. She has no list ... just an unending enthusiasm for all things offered for sale.
She is not a haggler, she does not bargain, she is not on the lookout for all things on sale, she just loves to shop.
You have to understand that my Mom and Dad are in their 80's. She still cooks everyday. My parents live 1/2 block from m home. Neither of them drive. My mother has her drivers license as a form of identification.... not for driving. she hasn't been behind the wheel since my Dad taught her how to drive some 60 years ago. She knocked down a telephone pole at her first attempt at a 3 point turn. That was the end of that!
We took my Dad's license away after his 5 th time getting lost. So they are very dependent on someone else to get them out of the house.

A mere phone call will have my mother grabbing her handbag, which she carries close to her body. I sometimes joke that she must have a million dollars in it because she holds on so tight!

So we go shopping... she is up for anything... Mom , do you want to stop at the Dairy Farm... YES, mom, do you want to stop at the Antique store.. YES... mom, do you want to stop at the Farmstand? YES...she comes out of these places with bags and bags of stuff.
You would think that at least 30 people live in her house, she buys so much stuff!!

I spend half my time running back and forth to the car, nestling her packages in between the seats. Bag after bag after bag!

I took my little camera with me the day we went to the farmers market. My intention was to take some pictures of the farmers and vendors and fresh farm food available.
I was so busy following her around, taking her packages to the car, I did not take one picture!!!

My mother is a bundle of energy, 4 feet 8 inches tall , strong, determined, smart , opinionated and fun.
I've been shopping with my mother since I was a little girl.
Every Saturday we would walk to the El at 63rd street and head downtown to Wanamaker's or to China Town or to Bains for a corn beef sandwich and some Apple Brown Betty. We have shopped together for all these years and it is still fun to go out with her.

On a recent trip to Italy, our group stopped at the Auto Grill to get a coffee and use the rest rooms.. when it was time to go we couldn't find my mom. We had to look no further than the store .. she was shopping at the Auto grill!!! On a trip to Brazil many many years ago. I wandered through the local stores on a hot steamy afternoon only to be told by the shop keepers "Your mother was here... "

Some of you know my mother , she has been on most of my day trips and culinary tours. You know that she shops. On a Shopping with Susan Day we were in the Butcher's and the ladies were following her around... watching her... buying what she bought. Asking her questions on preparing foods. She is the ultimate shopper!

I think I will organize a new tour this fall "Shopping with Santina" the ultimate shopping experience!!! Her name, Santina, means little saint. I think it must mean "Little Saint of Shopping!"
It will be a day you won't forget. Bring your change purses!!!!!


  1. This is a wonderful portrait of your Mom. I love it. Your descriptions bring her right into my house...with the bag clutched close to her side. I can picture that perfectly..and the change purse, too! The trips to Wanamaker's! ( I remember doing that for Easter outfits when I was little.) I think "Shopping with Santina" would be a big hit..Santina's Savvy Shopping Tips.
    Thanks Susan. This was delightful! I'm still smiling.

  2. That's Grand mom for sure! When I took her to 9th street I had about 8 plastic bags in each hand. You definitely got your lust for life from Grand mom. (I got it from both of you.) Great post.

  3. Count me in, Susan, I'll even help her carry her "bags"! LOL!!