Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mama called the doctor & the doctor said...

Nothing.... really...
He could have said "No more monkey's jumping on the bed!"

I went to Surgeon for my appointment today... downtown Philly 102 degrees in the shade.

It was a routine appointment, I finished Chemo & radiation and now I needed to know what was next... I need a plan in my head... I need to know when I will have the operation, how long will I be in the hospital ... how long will my recovery be... how long will I have a colostomy.. how long before I have a 2nd operation to reconnect my colon... how long for me to recover from that???

Oh I had lots of questions .. I needed to have Clint sit in front of the door so he wouldn't leave until he answered all my questions printed neatly on my little index card.

Now don't get me wrong, I do like my doctor..Love would be too strong a word.. I've only seen him 3 times for maybe 10 minutes each time!
But bedside manner as they say ~ nill...
Now don't get me wrong~I would rather have a wonderful, good surgeon than a conversationalist anytime!

He answered my question .. with answers like" I am not sure... I don't know... different for everybody... you have to wait & see... come back in two weeks!!!"

Talk about frustrating! I do realize that everyone is different .. we all heal differently.. we all recover at our own pace.. and so I came home not knowing any more than when I left this morning.

I did try to joke... I wanted to know where the incision would be~ "on my abdomen" he said... up & down scar he said... to which I asked" How about a tummy tuck while you are in the vicinity?"
to which he replied"ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!" Not much of a sense of humor either!

Well tomorrow back to the Radiation doctor.. maybe she will have more info. I will just keep asking.. hopefully I will know something soon!!!

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  1. Your upbeat attitude is carrying you through a very stressful time. What an inspiration you are to your family, friends and fellow-foodies. Keep up the good work...and many more prayers are coming your way.