Monday, July 12, 2010

Standing straighter & feeling stronger!

My desk is filled with with stones and crystal balls, candles and sayings. It is to help me, to remind me to heal, to be strong, to give me inspiration. To connect me to the world, to myself, to what I do and who I am.

I have always loved stones and pebbles. There are piles of stones from all over the world in different parts of my home.

When my son was backpacking through Europe after high school., he asked what I would like him to bring me home... I told him stones.
Now that is so funny because he had to carry all the stones everywhere he went. He did improvise and bring me tiny pebbles from Italy & Spain and Switzerland.

Everywhere I go I pick up a stone, from the beaches of the Oregon coast to the sands of Anguilla I have stones. I am collecting a little of the world. A little bit of history, of time. They make me feel good, ground me. They remind me I am only a small part of this big world we live in.

My grandkids are fascinated by these pile of rock in my house. I tell them they are Magic stones.. keeping us safe. I do believe that too!

I walk through my home blessing it... every single room, every doorway, window, table and chair. I love my home and all that is in it. It makes me feel good, feel safe, feel strong. I am so thankful for my home, my stones, my collections.

Now that I am in "waiting mode" before I can take further tests to see how this tumor reacted to the treatment, I have time ... time to look around, time to appreciate, time to center myself and know that I will be OK.

Running a catering business, teaching cooking classes, cooking for Susan's suppers, all of these things took my time. Cancer has my time now. But in this space of waiting. I will use my time to appreciate, bless and be thankful for all that is in my life now.
For Friends, family, food & flowers. These are my rocks, these give me strength. Make me realize that my life is mine and I will be OK!!!

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