Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peels of Laughter

I started this week with some startling news.

Even if I was expecting it ~ it still shocked me and still does.
The thoughts that run through my head are constant despite a valiant effort NOT to think about it.

On Monday I realized what I needed to do. I needed to do what makes me happy...... if I am happy then that is what fills my mind and heart.
I realized I needed the sound of laughter... uninterrupted peels of laughter.... I needed grand kids!
I picked them up and we went to lunch... then to a place we call " the jumping place" not it's name but just what we call it!
I sat and watched them run and run~ sliding and slipping down tubes, up ladders, around and round ... and I heard peels of laughter.

Today, early this morning we rounded them up and headed to "The Please Touch Museum".. it was crowded but still lots to do and plenty to keep the kids going for almost 4 hours. Once again their peels of laughter made me smile.

Then I came home and we made dinner together... we lined up with aprons on and pasta boards in front of them .... making gnocchi!!! tons and tons of gnocchi ... they were fast learners and loved making gnocchi ... to this day it is my my favorite pasta of all!
We called and invited their parents and my parents and their other Nanny and Pop and even Mom- Mom came ... 15 around my large table... with food I just threw together... I loved doing it ... I haven't really cooked like this in a long time and I loved having the table overflowing with family.
And before it was all over tonight I heard more than once~Peels of laughter!

You know what???~ It was JUST what I needed!~Peels of Laughter!!!!!!!

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  1. Absolutely wonderful and sooooo inspiring!