Thursday, August 5, 2010

Healing in Anguilla

They say that the ocean is healing and I can attest to that.

This time away was planned last year before I knew about this Cancer and Clint & I were determined to keep our appointment with tranquility.

We come to Anguilla every year at this time. It is Carnival time here and a week's worth of celebrations and boat races.
Today is August Thursday, a day where the boat races are held on our beach Mead's Bay.

As I write this there is no one on the beach.. it is about 8 AM and the festivities will start later in the morning.
About 14 big sailboats or so will line the surf. Colorful sails will flap in the wind. Shacks are set up to sell local foods.

We will eat some of the most delicious ribs & chicken as well as conch chowder & goat soup, fried jackfish, johnny cakes and of course rum punch.

It has been a time of healing for me, I feel like myself again. I am dreaming & planning and writing. My energy is back as well as my zest for life! this was so important for me... to have this time alone with my husband & my mind.

I am enjoying each and every day of my life!!! My life is now!!! I am making the most of it!


  1. for both of you..sounds heavenly!! Enjoy every second. Love, LZ

  2. You really are amazing. You inspire me to live a better life...NOW!