Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well this is the week. I came home from a wonderful relaxing time away.
Time away from stress, from doctors, from life in general and time away from Cancer.

I came home to a week's worth of tests & doctors appointments. Monday was the PT/CT scan. Tuesday was blood work. The results have been faxed to my doctors but not yet to me. The results of those tests must be given to me face to face on Thursday with the surgeon and Friday with the oncologist.

Today is Wednesday and I am in a holding pattern trying not to think. It is what it is and I will deal with whatever comes my way. Easier said then done that's for sure!!!

I felt so good while we were away. I said to Clint on more than one occasion"I am cured!!"
Hope does run eternal!

I came home to a pile of cards & notes, all wishing me well, prayers and positive thoughts from my friends, family & clients.

I came home to read a wonderful, inspiring article written about me by Ed Gebhart in The Sunday Daily Times.

I came home to my fight again... and after reading that article I realize that yes, I am strong and yes, I am a positive person and yes, I will be OK. It gave me a chance to see how others are looking at me and that is what is uplifting and inspiring to ME!

So I will write again ... after seeing my doctors and finding out what they have to say about the next step! And yes I will BREATH!!!!!

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