Thursday, June 9, 2011

My daughter is a BLOCKHEAD!

I'm not calling her a bad name, it is something she had blinged in SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS all over her tight black T Shirt when she went to see "The New Kids On the Block" this past weekend.

I can relate to this hysteria. I am, after all a child of the 60's and 70"s when the Beatles and Rolling Stones ruled the airwaves. I know what it's like to sit 6 inches from the TV set as the Beatles made their debut on the Ed Sullivan show!
I requested a Beatles album every year for Christmas, no Ipods then. I, too taped pictures of my fab four all over my room and sang along to "Help" "Do you wanna know a secret" "Love, Love me do"~I knew each and every word that passed their lips!

Tina is 32 years old and has been a NKOTB fan since she was 8 years old and I brought her to her first concert with a group of screaming friends. She is a Jordon Girl, loves Jordon Knight, as she says but loves the Wahlberg brothers too.
She has gone to countless concerts and screamed and sang her heart out.

There is something new now, it is called "MEET and GREET".
The ticket is substantially more but it includes a few very desirable perks.
A guaranteed seat in the first few rows, a goodie bag, a dinner and snack buffet with drinks (the fan base has grown older with the band) and most importantly a few minutes with the guys!

In groups of 10, with body guards hovering and big lens camera and video banned, she is ushered into a private curtained off room with the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK just finger tips away. She gets to touch, kiss on the cheek (if she is lucky) take pictures with these very successful and well built men!
Their fans, once teenagers have grown with them, most in their 30's now.

Over the course of the last few years she has gone to several MEET and GREETS.

Tina is nothing but smart and she has her own "Bling" business. Her Twitter name is" I love Sparkle"
She custom designs T~shirt, tote bags, and a myriad of other items, hand placing each crystal to "BLING OUT" so that you can't help but look at the shiny in-your-face design.

She is like her mother in that she loves to do something nice for someone. So she made 2 different baseball caps for Donnie Wahlberg.
He is known for his love of "Bling" and his love of sports, she combined the two and WOW was she in for a surprise!
As she was ushered into the room she was handing the bodyguard the hats (a rule for anyone bringing presents) and Donnie saw what she had in her hand, he flew over to her side, grabbing her arm, asking if she made the hat, pulling her to the front of the group and loving those hats! showing everyone in the group what she made for him.
One ~a Phillies hat blinged with red and white SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS "I am wearing this tonight " he says! The other hat~ a Boston Red Sox hat"~ I am wearing this at the Fenway Park Concert" he says!
She felt she died and went to heaven! She told him she was nervous~"don't be nervous baby" and kissed her softly on the cheek!!! (she hasn't washed her face since).
During the concert she sat in the second row and sang her heart out, a teenager once again!

True to his word, in front of thousands of screaming fans, with her seated in the second row where he looked over at her during the concert. He comes out singing the encore with her Phillies hat on! Screaming fans as he shout "PHILADELPHIA!!!" and points to the hat!

This is the equivalent of getting a kiss from John, Paul, George or Ringo!!!


  1. I was there and I saw the hat! That is so cool! I am with your daughter, I saw them 20 years ago as a kid and I have loved them ever since. It was a fun concert! Very cool!

  2. I also saw the hat at the concert! I sent this link to all my girlfriends! So cool!