Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking out the trash

Our neighborhood borough has just started picking up trash two days a week. I am thrilled~I love trash day. I get up extra early and go through my house like a mad women, tossing out anything in sight. I open my fridge and clean every nook and cranny, it is heaven to me to"Clean Up".

As I was dragging a trash bag around early this morning I thought to myself, why don't I use this analogy in my life too.

Throw away what doesn't work, get rid of bad thoughts like I take out the trash: uneasiness, fear, anger, stress, sadness, uncertainty, discord, put it all in a big bag and let it go.

If I clean the corners of my mind daily think of how good I will feel!

Holding on to the feelings and presence that bring uncomfortable feelings does our body no good at all.

Search your heart and soul, discard whatever doesn't feel good. The same with the people in your life who drain you, limit you, diminish your heart and soul, throw them out with the trash! Clean your life up. Take the junk drawer and empty it on the table, put back only emotions that serve you well, that increase your happiness, that allow you to grow in a good and positive way.

Our daily life mirrors our thoughts and feelings, get rid of what does not serve you, take out the trash and fell light as a feather, free as a bird!

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