Thursday, June 2, 2011

Your Day

How will you make the most of your day?

It is your attitude that will lead you, determine how you feel, how you react. Will you be happy? stressed? will you go through your day wishing it to be over, waiting for the end of the day to come.
Do you wake up in the morning looking forward to each minute, each second of your life?

Take a conscious minute out of your morning routine to think about your day, not only your to-do list  but the fact that you have this day in your life to be kind, to make a difference in some one's life, to be grateful, to appreciate all you do have. A sunny morning, another day to get things right, to be yourself.

Each day is so precious. Sometimes you only realize this if something happens to another person, you realize how lucky you are, how fragile life is, how precious each and every second is.

Clint and I recently had some tragic news about a dear friend of ours. An accident, not expected, never anticipated, life can change in a second. This news is heavy in our hearts. It made me realize in a very raw and upsetting way that nothing is guaranteed, that life is promised to no one. It made me look at my life and be grateful for each and every day.

Life is a gift and one that we often take for granted. We go through our day crossing items off our "to-do list"not taking the time to really look around and appreciate each moment of life.

Don't dwell on yesterday's mistakes, learn from them and go on, don't look for tomorrow to bring happiness, it is at your doorstep today. Life is a present to be enjoyed and lived in the moment. Take time to be grateful and be kind.

Change your attitude and you will change your life, your day, minute by minute.

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