Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I woke up this morning and thought to myself "Make room for the Magic today"

We plan and make out lists of things we have to do on a daily basis and sometimes longer. We leave no empty space, no line in our calender left blank. We fill in our time minute to minute. There is no room for serendipity, for magic, for happenstance.

Our lives are filled to the brim, overflowing, stuffed to the gills.

Today make room for the magic, take a few moments today for nothing, for space, for a breath, for a chance to look around you and take it all in.

I think that is why I love the early morning so. The day is just beginning and all is quiet. I can hear the birds singing, I can see the sun filtering through the trees, I can breath in the anticipation of a new day. It is quiet time, sacred time, before the whirlwind of things to do takes over.

I am trying everyday to make time during my day to take a moment to look around, to be present in what I am doing, hopefully nothing, even if just for a few minutes.

As I stepped out of the shower last night I realized I just spent those minutes with thoughts just whirling around my head like the spin cycle of a washing machine. I gave no thought to the water cascading over my head and down my back, I lost that chance to just relax into the feeling, the sensation. Just random thoughts, nonsensical phrases swirling around in my head, taking away the moment of magic.

We spend our lives and thoughts in the past or the future, came back to now. Leave space in your day for a daydream.

At the end of each day I am always surprised at how fast the time went by. I think "where did the day go?" Life is like that, we are so busy doing things that life can pass us by, time gone before we even realize it. Make your life precious, make time for the space of nothingness, the appreciation of the fresh air, the sounds all around you, breath in and take that breath with you down to your toes and make time for the magic today.

Today is a gift, a present for you. Notice it, enjoy it, take time just for you today.

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