Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We do so much without thinking about it, breathing, swallowing, walking, bending, digesting. Our blood circulating through our bodies, healing a scratch, pumping our hearts.

Our body takes care of business. We are not consciously aware of so many of it's jobs. We go on during the day not thinking about any of this, just expecting it to happen.

When you get sick, then you realize just how much your body does for you, when something is taken away from you or a change occurs then we realize just how important and precious it was.

I am amazed at my body, truly astonished really.

For the past year or so it's been beaten down and torn apart by drugs, chemo, in a fierce fight against this Cancer.
I lost my sense of taste, my fingertips and feet were numb, I had severe agita, a runny nose forever, sleepless nights, aches and pains that came out of no where. I thought I would never feel like myself again.

Where did my energy and strength go? Would I ever feel like myself again?
These thoughts were ever present and when I did go off the chemo a few weeks ago, I was still feeling the side effects.

Ever so slowly my body is coming to the surface, I am standing up straighter, I have more energy, I can taste again~Thank goodness! I am coming back to me. My body amazes me. I give thanks everyday for this wondrous miracle. The fact that my body is healing, slowly mending, getting stronger everyday. We so often take our bodies for granted, we go on with our daily life not thinking about what is going on inside of us.

Take time each and everyday to say Thank you... for the body you live in, for the care it gives you, for the life and energy it radiates.

As I lay my head on the pillow at night, I start with my feet, they hold me up everyday, carry this weight, walk the walk, I go up my body, recognizing each and every part, giving thanks for all the work my body does without a conscious thought from me.

Take care of your self. Drink lots of water, stretch, lay down flat and be still for a short time each day. Acknowledge the wonder that you are living in. Take care of your body. Treat it with love and respect. Realize that it is there for you each and every minute. Be grateful.

We have so much in our lives already. Sometimes we look for material things to make us happy but the happiness lies within. Take a look around you, pause in your day, in your multitude of tasks and to-do lists, look around you and be grateful for what you see, what you have, it is a much better way to live. Your life is yours to make it the best you can, you have the options, you have the ability to see things in a grateful light.

Be conscious and thankful each and everyday for what you have, acknowledge your body and all it does for you!

Take care of YOU!!!!!

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  1. susan, we love you very much! you are an amazing person!!!!! sara mitì e cesidio