Thursday, May 19, 2011


Affectionately nicknamed my VOODOO ROOM by Clint, it is the smallest of the three bedrooms and was my daughter's room as a little girl.

My home is filled to the brim with collections of pottery, pictures, dishes, glassware, and knick-knacks, this was the room where we put everything that didn't have a place. This was a room that had a collection of anything that we needed to hide in a hurry or get out of the way~open the door, shove it in, close the door. A catch-all for all things: winter coats, summer cloths, toys, boxes, books.

I made it my mission over the years to revamp this room and call it my own. It took a while and my motto is little by little, so I slowly took my time, cleared it out except for the precious, well loved cookbooks, novels, one desk instead of three, my computer and a fountain, a rocking chair and all my books and tapes (and there are many) on Italy, some plants and candles, and a jar of spice drops (my favorite candy)and a basket with all the cards people have sent me this past year.
I created a space where I could go to relax, to think, to unwind, to write, to read, to meditate, to stretch, to work, to cry and to find peace.

When I walk into this room and close the door I can feel my shoulders drop, my mood lift and my heart calm.

I am surrounded by all of the things I love, I have a picture that was hanging in my Grandfather's bedroom, of St. Anthony of Padua, I have a old photo of me at one year old, completely bald except for a bow taped on my head. I put that in my room to help me come to terms with losing my hair during chemo. This room is not crowded, it has space and light and plain white walls, freshly painted. It is comfortable and welcoming. It is my space and I love it.

Everyone needs their own SPACE, whether it is a chair or a room or even a corner of a room you need to have a place to go to unwind, to relax, to think.
A place that you feel stress free, a place where no one will bother you. It is important to create this in your life. A mini get away. A sanctuary. It will give you peace of mind and heart.

No matter how jam packed your home is~find a spot, somewhere you love, someplace to gravitate towards. Someplace you can call your own. you deserve it!!!!!

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