Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tiny Treasures

All of us wish for things in life. Sometimes it is a small wish and sometimes we want to win the lottery. We go through our lives wishing for things to be better, setting goals and hoping opportunities drop in our laps. Looking for the next big thing.

I think our lives are filled with treasures, tiny treasures that we sometimes miss because we are too busy with the everyday living and stress.
These tiny treasures go unnoticed, unappreciated, not on purpose but because we don't make the time to acknowledge them and be grateful.

To live in the moment is to appreciate all the little surprises that come our way. I am talking about the tiny stuff that makes up our day.

Opening your eyes to the soft rain outside, to the brightening of a new day, to start all over again each day, a new chance to make things better, to realize how lucky you really are with what you do have in your life.

I try to be conscious and aware from the minute I open my eyes in the morning, my head on my favorite pillow, my fuzzy slippers as I make my way downstairs, a good stretch, a cup of strong coffee, my candle light and my early morning writing allow me to be aware that I am blessed.  That I have the gift of this day to be happy, to laugh, to share, to accomplish what I need to, I am grateful for all the treasures that come my way.

A good morning smile from my husband, the chance to talk to or visit with my parents who live only a block away, the laughter of my grand kids, the view outside my Voodoo room window, filled with the signs of Spring, the flowers on my porch and the herbs planed in a big pot on my back step. The promise of summer is looming ahead and I can't wait for the fresh ears of corn dripping with butter and the smoky flavor of food on the grill.

We are so blessed each and every day with all the little things that make up our daily life.
We just need to notice, to appreciate all the tiny treasures that we have in our daily lives and be grateful.
It is a much better way to live my life, to feel that I am where I am suppose to be and that everything will be all right.
Know that you are where you are suppose to be and that you are the Captain of your ship, your life. It is a choice to be happy and content, to enjoy and appreciate life's little treasures.

I wish you peace and happiness and joy today.

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