Thursday, September 22, 2011


OK, I finally received a call late Tuesday night after 6 PM.

My liver surgeon was on the phone all of 3 minutes.

"Your results coincide with the MRI and yes, there is a spot on your liver, right under your rib cage and it is on the surface."

ME~"OK, I want to schedule surgery, do I need an EKG? blood work? when can I have it done? what day do you do it? how long will I be in the hospital? how long will I not feel like myself?"

"You have to call the scheduler, here is her number she will take care of everything." OK

Next day bright and early I call the person who schedules the surgery, the one with the answers, guess what? she is on vacation this week UGH!!!!!!! Her message on the phone said~
"I will be out of the office Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Do not leave a message, call back Monday. 

On hold once again!

My lesson is to breath right through this and cook.
Lots of food around here lately!!!!

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  1. I find it strange that the doc is so totally removed from every-day life that he doesn't realize his own scheduler isn't in the office.... totally absurd and frustrating for you, Susan.

    I have a bunch of people around here that I think would be more than willing and happy to clear your house of the "fruits of your frustration"... ;)