Saturday, September 17, 2011

There should be a law

This past year and a half have been full of tests, which translates to a waiting game.

It makes me anxious to say the least. Try as I might I am nervous before and after. I keep busy, I breath, I read, I do other things to keep my mind from going back over and over again to what ifs and why, along with could and should and would, running different scenarios in my head like a broken record.

The doctors that schedule these tests know I am getting them, have the results on their desk in record time, promise to call and seldom get back in a timely manner.

If I sound frustrated that is because I am.

I had an ultrasound of the liver scheduled on Thursday morning, first thing at 9AM. We left the house at 7AM, sure to get there in plenty of time, nothing to eat or drink after midnight, God only knows why, it is my liver after all. When we arrived, the first ones there, I was told, Oh no, you could have eaten ~ they made a mistake. OK no coffee for me which was not a good thing.

After waiting at least an hour, I was taken into the room. They did the test,"wait here the doctor will be right in to go over your findings" good, I thought. Half an hour of waiting the girl was back in, "sorry, the doctor was called away, can you come back at 1 o'clock?"~are you kidding me, kill 3 hours? I had a cooking class that night and did not have time to wait around.
"No problem she said, doctor will call you at 1 PM to discuss the results."

1PM came and went and so did all day the next day, still no call, still no results.

I try to stay calm, I try to stay optimistic but I do think there should be a rule, a law, a common courtesy~ people who get tests and waiting for results are on edge, it consumes you, you have a hard time thinking of anything else. A whole weekend will go by with me being crabby, grumpy, teary, and short tempered and not sleeping particularly well. Not the way I want to feel.

There should be a law! Doctors, try to put yourself in our place, to you it is routine, to us it is our lives.

Sorry ~had to get that off my chest!!!!!

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