Friday, March 16, 2012

A Magnificent Inheritance

As a little girl I also knew how lucky I was. I had a stay at home Italian mother who cooked every meal, every day.
For breakfast I had fried eggs cooked in olive oil with crunchy toasted Italian bread to dip, I had hot lunches when I came home from school at noon.
I had wonderful dinners with my family.
My mother was and is still a magnificent cook. My dad would work late at the Barber shop and get home around 7 PM, we had all eaten but we would sit at the linen laid table while he had a wonderful hot meal. Toasted bread, a glass of wine, a fresh green salad and my mom would usually make 3 other things, a pasta, a meat and a vegetable. It was always wonderful.
As my dad retired, while he was still able to drive they would go out and eat for lunch. When his driving abilities disappeared she made a hot fabulous lunch for him every day.  I live only a half a block away and if I stopped at lunch I would find them facing each other at the table with their glass of wine laughing, enjoying each other and reminiscing of old time.  She would always add a chair and I would join them.
When my dad passed in November, a few days afterwards, my mom said to me" I am not cooking anymore" I couldn't believe my ears. "Mom you are a wonderful cook, everyone loves your cooking and you love to do it"
Well the world works in strange ways. Soon after my dad passed I had some tests that indicated the cancer was back with a force, I was not eating and losing weight fast. This upset my mother greatly and she started to invite us to a hot lunch at 1 PM everyday so I was sure to eat. Clint and I are not picky eaters but eating my mothers food is like dining at a fine Italian restaurant in Italy daily.
We are in heaven, I stopped losing weight, Clint has the biggest smile on his face and we get to spend all that quality time with my mom. Stuffed cabbage, roasted chicken and potatoes, veal in a lemon sauce, meatballs an gravy meat, roasted sausage unbelievable stuff!
She is a strong women and everyday I see her she amazes me more.
She talks about past, present and future with no problems at all, her memory is unbelievable, her desire to shop and travel and gamble at the casino is phenomenal AND We have inherited my fathers wonderful gift of my Mothers food!
Every day during my treatment I try to change my thoughts to something positive and bright. This is my gift. I am truly blessed by this. Thanks Mom!!!!

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