Saturday, March 3, 2012

"So, you want me to SPRING you?"

That is what my doctor said to me on Thursday.

I had my port accessed, they drew my blood, took my vitals, lost 2 more pounds. I spoke with the assistant to the Doctor, as we talked I asked if the doctor would consider giving me a week more to recover. She felt like he would agree. My blood work was all low,not low enough for another blood infusion but still lower than it should be, my body was still making blood but all numbers were low enough for me to feel this exhausted.
As my oncologist discussed everything he felt it was a good idea to get me back to my old self before going on, another week to recover would be fine he said. We will do another infusion next Thursday.
I felt such relief, I went home to bed I was so happy!
I had to get out of the house, so yesterday Clint took my mom and I out to Booth's corner where we walked around and bought odds and ends, then we went to lunch, then home to bed. But it was such a nice day.
We enjoyed ourselves, I got out of the house, today I am even feeling just a little bit better, I am happy!
Thanks again for all the notes you've been sending, I keep every single one. I love them, I am blessed in so many ways!!! thank you.

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  1. Susan: I am happy you were able to have a very nice day out even for a little while. Please know I am thinking of you and praying for you always! Keep the faith and keep writing.